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EnergyNeeds® is a nutritional supplement containing 40 active ingredients of vitamins, minerals, and activated cofactors used to optimize the nutritional status of people with conditions associated with mitochondrial dysfunction, including fatigue (mental and physical), pain, gastrointestinal symptoms, anxiety, and depression. These conditions overlap with aging, and mitochondrial dysfunction is indeed a major contribution to aging. The product stimulates specific biological pathways in order to promote health.*

Ingredients: There are 40 active ingredients in EnergyNeeds®, all of which are natural nutritional supplements including vitamins, minerals, and activated cofactors. There are no ingredients at or near dosages considered to be toxic. Non-active ingredients in EnergyNeeds® include the all-natural ingredients of rice flour, magnesium stearate, and silica. Hypromellose in the capsule itself is a semisynthetic polymer used in many oral medicaments, which serves as a vegan substitute to animal gelatin. EnergyNeeds® is fully vegan except that vitamin D is extracted from sheep wool. This product is also free of gluten, casein/milk, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, egg, fish, and shellfish.

Intended Population: EnergyNeeds® is designed primarily to facilitate cellular energy metabolism. This product can be used by all individuals regardless of age, gender, presence or type of mitochondrial dysfunction/disease, common comorbidities, severity of disease, DNA sequence information, medications, or other supplements taken.

EnergyNeeds® can be taken by all individuals who desire:

  • A baseline product meeting the core nutritional needs of most such people.
  • Very-high dosing of key nutrients (e.g. vitamin D, vitamin B12, zinc, beta-carotene) to promote optimized health and immunity.
  • A high-level mitochondrial cocktail, providing additional nutritional support to boost mitochondrial function (increase energy production), and to de-toxify abnormally-metabolizing mitochondria.
  • To provide all of this in a single product* and thereby reducing the costs, time, hassles, and side effects of taking multiple different supplement products.

EnergyNeeds® is in particular tailored to individuals with any condition associated with mitochondrial dysfunction (energy metabolism), including:

  • Functional disorders, including chronic fatigue, migraine, chronic pain of any type, irritable bowel and other conditions of GI dysmotility, POTS, frequent urination, and/or dysautonomia.
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism and autism-like conditions, ADHD, epilepsy, and/or non-epileptic “spells”. While SpectrumNeeds® is marketed primarily for neurodevelopmental disorders, EnergyNeeds® is similar and can be substituted in most settings. Especially, consider EnergyNeeds® in the following situations:
  • Powder is not palatable or convenient, and a capsule form is preferred.
  • Rare individuals with side effects to high dosing of methylated B vitamins.
  • Neuropsychiatric disorders, including anxiety, depression, bipolar, panic, and/or OCD.
  • Aging, which is the most-common of all conditions related to mitochondrial dysfunction.

EnergyNeeds® is labelled primarily for adults, but this does not mean that the product is not also intended and appropriate for children and adolescents. Conversely, SpectrumNeeds® is labelled primarily for children, but this does not mean that the product is not also intended and appropriate for adults.


Adults and adolescents over 133 lbs (60 kg): 5 capsules twice daily. This is 10 capsules a day.

Smaller/younger individuals can take this product as well:

  • Children and adolescents 88-132 lbs (40-60 kg): 4 capsules twice daily.
  • Children 44-88 lbs (20-40 kg): 3 capsules twice daily.
  • Children under 44 lbs (20kg): Consult your physican. 
  • Suggestion: One capsule for every 22 lbs (10kg) of body weight, twice daily.

Best if taken with food. Capsules can be opened and added to any food or beverage. It is recommended to give less product in the first few days, in order to reduce the possibility of nausea. Taking with a meal can also help.

As is always the case with any dietary/nutritional supplement, it is recommended to take EnergyNeeds® with the knowledge and approval of your health care provider/physician. EnergyNeeds® is not designed to be a medical treatment for any condition, but to provide excellent nutritional support for a wide variety of conditions often associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. Ideally, this nutritional support would be part of a comprehensive management plan under a physician’s care, along with appropriate diet.

Reducing the number of supplements: EnergyNeeds® is designed to be safe when used in addition to the supplements that you are already on. However, it may be possible and/or advisable to discontinue or lower the dose of one or more current supplements that you are taking; ask your healthcare provider.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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